At Musical Surprise the greatest compliment we can ever receive are referrals and testimonials!  Below are a few testimonials from our students and parents for you to enjoy!

Love it! My son is so excited! They’re very helpful.

5 Stars – Very nice place, I have recently obtained a guitar that has been in the family since the 60’s. It has been used and shows it! But I wanted to get it back into a condition that we can display and pick it up time to time to mess around with it. I am really happy with the results, they cleaned it and re-strung it. It is now displayed in our up-stair loft with pride, it sounds great, and hopefully it will be with the family many more years to come.

5 Stars – What a great place to get your groove on! Not your typical piano lessons place. It’s a great set up. I’ve spent many hours in music stores, when my son was taking lessons, and nothing was like this. They have lots of great summer camps for the kids. Thanks for offering such wonderful programs.

5 Stars – Fabulous staff love this place it’s a rare find!

5 Stars – This is a Musical Surprise!! I have a guitar which I purchased in Santa Clara, CA cir 1960. I wanted to replace the strings, but did not know where to go get it done close to me. Oh my! There was this nice place, so I went there. The staff there are just awesome, great advise, and very reasonable prices. So cool. Then my partner in crime asked about lessons, so we took lessons for a couple of months before taking our trip to the Bay Area, CA to visit family. We only took two months and it was so nice and a pleasure, and when we get back we shall return for more lessons. I have learned so much in such a short time!!

5 Stars – Thank you for all you do Musical Surprise!

5 Stars – Awesome place! Visited last February with my Dad. The owners and people were so nice.

5 Stars – I was so happy to find Musical Surprise. It is a one stop shop for talented and knowledgeable music teachers. I am able to take both my daughters for lessons there even though one plays piano and one plays guitar. The best part of it is that my girls love Ms. Robyn and all the other instructors. I have been taking them there for lessons for almost two years and couldn’t be happier!

5 Stars – My son loves Musical Surprise. Robyn is an excellent teacher. He has learned a lot in a very short amount of time. Thank you Robyn!!

5 Stars – My daughter has been taking classes for almost a year now…. The teachers are nice, the students and parents are nice. They go the extra mile to make you feel you are more than just a check to them… you are a friend… you are greeted with a genuine smile, they take the time to get to know you, listen to you, talk to you….

5 Stars – I can not sing enough high praises for Musical Surprise!
My daughter has taken guitar lessons there for almost a year now and we have never had a negative experience. The teachers are excellent! The staff is extremely courteous and will always go above and beyond to help you in any way they can. I would recommend them without any hesitation.

5 Stars – Musical Surprise is not just for children

My husband and I have been taking music lessons there for over 3 years. I have taken both guitar and voice lessons. He has been studying voice the entire time. Robyn and Lance, the owners, have created an environment for an adult that is comfortable, enjoyable and educational. And the teachers are excellent. We had planned to just take lessons for a year or so, but we have learned a tremendous amount and have had fun with it along the way. This past Spring, my husband’s voice teacher, Tim, submitted an audition tape of him to the Spring Training facilities and he was selected to sing the National Anthem at one of the Spring training games as well as several ASU baseball games. 3 years ago, he never even thought about doing something like this. It all came about strictly because of our relationship with Musical Surprise. We have recommended the studio to a number of our friends. If you are an adult and have thought fleetingly about learning some kind of instrument or taking voice lessons, you should enroll at Musical Surprise and see how much fun you can have.

Taking lessons at Musical Surprise has been a delightful experience. I find myself traveling to Musical Surprise every Wednesday to do what I love and I am deeply overjoyed. Genevieve, my teacher, has really helped me enhance my musical talent and open a door of possibilities. I don’t know how to repay her. Music is the one thing that I don’t have to be afraid of, that won’t judge me. I actually intend to do something with music, I want to make a career out of it. I want to go to work as a Broadway star who sings, acts, and dances. I am looking into Performing Arts schools, and when I find one, I hope it will be just as good to me as Musical Surprise has been.

I love taking my weekly lessons for the electric guitar at Musical Surprise. Even though I could probably learn to play the guitar from books and CDs on my own, my lessons at the studio are so much better. Having Vinnie as an instructor is helpful because he is not just about learning to play the instruments, he has a passion about the people and music, just like me, so I can connect with him and talk to him about it in a way that I cannot do with other people as easily. I now find myself trying to work on music lessons all the time and learning more because of it. He has helped me to tap into my excitement for playing better each week and now I yearn for my practice time every chance I get, instead of dreading it like a chore.

My 7 year old son Jakob currently attends Music Therapy at Musical Surprise for an Autism diagnosis. I have to say music is the one thing that has helped Jakob calm down from his melt downs, even as an infant. There was a specific song that I would play for Jakob as a newborn even through his toddler years that would always calm him. To this day he remembers that song, when it plays he says Mom that was my special song in excitement. Jakob listens to music on a daily basis and truly enjoys attending weekly Music Therapy, he counts down the days till his next visit. I truly believe that Music Therapy has made a BIG difference in not only Jakob’s life but for our family as a whole. He is more verbal, he now makes eye contact for short periods of time with others which he has always had a hard time doing. I no longer always have that angry child who cannot express himself verbally. He has made great progress from working with Masato and I’m eager to see what’s to come. So you ask what music means to me? Music means a very deserving child finds and expresses happiness, even if it’s just for a few minutes a day. Music means from time to time I get to hear my child use his words to express himself instead of physically acting out. Music means I get a small thing many parents take for granted, eye contact with my child. And last but not least music means there’s hope! Hope for my special child who has so much to offer finds a way to shine in this world! I feel he will benefit immensely from continuing Music Therapy.

Lessons at Musical Surprise are very enriched and welcoming. My saxophone teacher, Michael Hernandez, teaches with a not to serious but not to goofy personality that makes him easy to get along with. Lessons benefit me because I learn different types of music. Once you start lessons at Musical Surprise, you won’t want to stop. Take it from me. I’ve been having lessons with Michael for about one and one half years. It’s an amazing place with many amazing people and personalities.

I love music for many different reasons. I love how it can make you feel sad, or happy, or excited to see what is going to happen next. I like playing for others for the same reason. I have been playing the clarinet in my school band for the past two years and I have also been taking piano lessons for the past year and a half. I like both of the instruments I play and I like learning new songs all the time. Its also fun to learn about the different composers. My piano teacher Zach tells me about where they come from and what their lives were about back when they composed the pieces I am playing. I also like giving mini piano concerts for my parents and grandparents. They love to hear me play and they are so proud of me.

I love taking piano lessons because I like how it sounds as I get better. Sometimes it’s hard, but when I practice it gets easier. It makes me happy when Miss Tish screams when I do a really good job on my song. I really like playing “The Indian Song.” I would like to learn to play Beethoven. I get nervous when I play piano in front of an audience. I hope piano lessons will help me feel better playing for an audience. I like learning about the notes, and about major and minor. Staccato is fun to play too! I love playing piano lessons at home. I love piano lessons and I hope I never stop playing! I love my piano teacher, Miss Tish! She is a fun teacher! Hooray!

5 Stars!

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to tell us how you feel about Musical Surprise!

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