January 2021

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot!”

Holiday Hoopla

We ended 2020 with an incredible Holiday Hoopla event that showcased our students and brought in the holiday spirit.

Holiday Chain

It’s that time again! How many holiday songs did we play during the month of December? Make sure to submit your guess before your next lesson next week!


  1. Establish a Practice Routine: Map out a practice schedule that will fit in to your schedule.
  2. Increase your Practice Time: Whether you want to be the next Yo-Yo Ma or just your
    average shower musician, increasing your practice time will only help you rock!
  3. Create a Proper Warm-up: Prevents injury, builds strength, and improves your overall skill.
  4. Start taking Lessons, or Start again! It’s never too late! Your music teacher will: keep you accountable, give you an individualized approach to your practice, answer specific questions, troubleshoot problems, open new doors to musical ideas, and help you stay committed.
  5. Explore new Repertoire: It’s easy to get stuck in the routine of playing music that sounds the same. Don’t be afraid to branch out to new musical horizons. There is so much to explore.
  6. Compose Original Music: If you’ve never composed an original song before, give it a try! There is no right or wrong when creating your own masterpiece.
  7. Book a Gig or Perform at an Open Mic: Having something to prepare for will only motivate your practice and build your confidence. Get out there and have fun!
  8. Record or Distribute Your Music: We have an abundance of technology at our fingertips. Record your work and put it on streaming applications like Spotify or Sound Cloud.
  9. Go to an Audition: Be bold! Be brave! Auditioning for shows, gigs, etc. are great for conquering stage fright and receiving constructive feedback!
  10. Start an Online Streaming Channel: Many musicians are monetizing their music today
    by streaming it on websites like YouTube and Twitch!

Student of the Month: Tristyn

Tristyn is currently a drum student at our studio. He was nominated by his teacher Glen because “Tristyn is a great student he takes two, one-hour virtual lessons per week and his attendance is perfect. He is very motivated to learn new things and has been working diligently on reading music and drum rudiments. I have been giving him very challenging snare drum rudimental solos and he has surpassed my expectations. We also work on playing drum set in many styles and he is very open to learning new music that he is not always familiar with. It’s is so great to see how far he has progressed in the past year.” Way to go Tristyn!

Teacher Feature: Laura M

Laura began playing the piano at age 8 and the flute at age 12. She participated in marching band during high school and at The University of Arizona. She majored in music education with an emphasis on both flute and piano.
Laura has taught flute and piano lessons since 2003. She also taught K-6 general music as well as 5-12 grade band over the course of her full time teaching career.
Fun fact – Laura is a two-time national jump rope champion and has been featured on ESPN!

Is Your Teacher Full?

Chareeze, piano/voice- SOLD OUT
Laura B., piano- Mon: 1 spot, Wed: SOLD OUT
Scott, guitar- Mon: 1 spot
Lexi, voice/piano- SOLD OUT
Donna, piano/voice- Mon: SOLD OUT, Thurs: 1 spot
Justin, voice/piano/guitar- Wed: 1 spot
Zach, guitar- Thurs: 1 spot
Tim, voice/piano- Mon: SOLD OUT, Tues: 1 spot
Shawna, strings- Thurs: 2 spots
Masato, guitar/ukulele/bass- Tues: SOLD OUT, Wed: 1 spot
Joy, piano- Mon: SOLD OUT, Tues: 1 spot
Luis, guitar/bass- Mon: 1 spot


Musical Surprise is currently looking for:
– String specialists
– Piano & voice specialists
– Music therapists
If you feel you are qualified in one or more of these areas and are interested please contact at