February 2021

Piano Ensemble

Piano Ensemble is one of PMTA (Phoenix Music Teacher’s Association) oldest traditions. Students from all over the Valley participate in this wonderful event.

Each year our students at Musical Surprise have participated in PMTA’s annual Piano Ensemble. Students and teachers are assigned a duet part based on level and prepare for a concert like no other. Twelve grand pianos on one stage conducted by the PMTA teachers.

Piano Ensemble looks a little different this year. Students have been working on their pieces and recording them for a virtual performance to be premiered in March. Recording a performance can be just as difficult as performing live and we are so proud of what our students accomplished. We can’t wait to see the final product. Way to go!

“It’s my favorite performance every year! I always look forward to rehearsing with other performers, dressing up in accordance to the dress code, and having this wonderful opportunity to share music with friends and family. It will be interesting and fun to see how they pull off the virtual concert this year!” –Kaitlyn

Share the Love

Share the love of music and refer a friend to our studio. If your friend signs up for lessons, they will get free registration and you will receive a $25 gift card to our retail store.

Teacher Feature: Jan

Jan started playing the piano at age 7. Her love for music expanded to participating in band, choir, and several small groups. Jan earned her Bachelor of Music Education at Southern Nazarene University, and her Master of Arts at the University of Texas at Tyler, both with an emphasis in piano. She is a member of the National, State and Local Music Teachers Association. Jan has served as church pianist for over twenty years, and has taught music (K-12) and private piano for over 10 years. Jan loves teaching students from all ages at Musical Surprise, where her students have ranged from ages 4 to 90 years old.

Student of the Month: Brett L.

Our student of the month for February is Brett Lang! Brett has been a student at Musical Surprise for a couple years now and she is flourishing with her voice teacher, Chareeze.

Chareeze nominated Brett because, “Brett has an positive personality and loves to sing. She is passionate about what she does and always shows up with enthusiasm and a big smile on her face. Brett loves being friendly and has a good attitude about music and life! Brett enjoys being silly and mischievous (but in a good, fun way!)”

We celebrate our students’ success with a gift card to our store and a certificate of achievement.
Way to go, Brett!

Is Your Teacher Full??

Chareeze – 1 spot on Thursday
Laura – SOLD OUT
Scott – 1 spot on Monday
Glenn – SOLD OUT
Mila – 2 spots on Tuesday
Donna – 2 spots on Thursday
Albert – 1 spot on Wednesday
Justin – SOLD OUT
Tim – 1 spot on Monday
Shawna – 1 spot on Thursday

Jihyun (Joy) – SOLD OUT
Todd – 2 spots on Monday
Luis – 2 spots on Monday
Laura M. – 1 spot on Tuesday
Lucas – 1 spot on Friday
Mike M. – 2 spots on Thursday
Sidni – SOLD OUT
Allyn – 1 spot on Monday
Masato – 2 spots on Monday
Jan – 2 spots on Wednesday
Mike – 2 spots on Friday

Welcome to all our students who joined us in January 2021.
We are glad you’re part of our musical family.

Kaywinnet B.
Siobhan B.
Armonie B.
Camden B.
Haley B.
Luca C.
Devin C.
Salma C.
Sandra C.
Seinna C.
Tim C.
Grayson D.
Len F.
Abraham G.
David G.
Tatiana G.
Selah G.
Christa G.
Bryce H.
Jacob H.
Shannon K.
Daryl L.
Ava L.
Miles L.

Jennifer L.
Alexander L.
Elise L.
William M.
Rylee M.
Chris M.
Charles M.
Elizabeth M.
Mason O.
Cheryl P.
Gianna Q.
Christopher R.
Emma S.
Emma S.
Gavin S.
Jakob S.
Sarah S.
Grayson V.
Dylan V.
Sergio V.
Lucie V.
Cecilia W.
Jacquie W.
Wayne W.

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