Musical Surprise Notes
September 2021

Upcoming Events

Our teaching studio will be CLOSED Monday, September 6th and Tuesday, September 7th in observance of Labor Day. We will resume lessons on Wednesday, September 8th. Don’t worry—we’ve made sure to schedule 48 lessons a year for each day of the week, so there’s no need for makeups!

Our retail store will be open Tuesday, September 7th, but may close early.

Have you added a little music in your life?

Music is an important life skill that can be taught to anyone, any age, or level. Whether learning how to be a professional artist, an educator, or a master singer in the shower; music is a tool that can benefit your everyday life. Still on the fence? We offer FREE one-time consultations to meet with one of our highly-qualified instructors and get a taste of what music can do for you. Call us to schedule today!

Music in Motion

Recently, one of our students released his first album (self-produced) and we couldn’t be more proud. Jesse has been a student with Musical Surprise for over 8 years. Through a variety of lessons, Jesse has flourished with any instrument he’s tried. It has been an amazing journey to watch. Congratulations, Jesse. We can’t wait to see what you do next.

You can find Jesse’s album “Unaided Created” on Spotify, YouTube, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and more!

Unaided Created on YouTube

TEACHER FEATURE: Lorena Music Therapist & Piano Instructor

Beginning at a young age, Lorena started with piano and continued to lay the groundwork for a musical career. She completed her BM degree in Music Therapy from Arizona State University in 2011. As a board-certified music therapist, she has proficiency in guitar, piano, and has been involved in small choirs, orchestras, and ensembles throughout her schooling and beyond. Lorena has a broad spectrum of experience within her professional life, including work in the following fields: Children and Adults with Special Needs, Skilled Nursing/Hospice, Psychiatric, and Pediatric.

Lorena fell in love with music at a young age. She began taking piano lessons in 3rd grade. She later enrolled in a music conservatory in her natal city in Cuba where she enjoyed creating, exploring, and mastering classical pieces. She later auditioned for the music program at Glendale Community College where she was admitted. And it was there that her piano teacher suggested she looked into studying Music Therapy. Lorena auditioned for the Music Therapy program at Arizona State University and then started it in 2009. From there she began to learn more and more about the power of music and its applications. She has never looked back or doubted that she is in the right place. Music Therapy empowers people, gives hope, and teaches skills at the same time it brings healing and peace.

Student of the Month: Gavin M.

Our student of the month for March is Our student of the month for September is Gavin! Gavin is 14 years old and has been taking piano lessons from Laura B since 2018. Laura has nominated Gavin for this award because, “Gavin has shown great determination in keeping music a priority in his life. He works hard and is always willing to participate in studio events. He has really impressed me this year with his progress or musical expression.” Gavin is a master of all traits playing club baseball, football, and saxophone. Way to go Gavin!

Gavin and Miss Laura at Formal Recital 2021

Is Your Teacher Full?

Chareeze – SOLD OUT
Scott – 1 spot on Tuesday
Laura B – 1 spot on Monday and Thursday
Glenn – 2 spots on Friday and Saturday
Harvey – 1 spot on Saturday
Mila – 2 spots on Tuesday and Saturday
Donna – SOLD OUT
Albert – 3 spots on Tuesday and Friday
Dan – 2 spots on Saturday
Justin – SOLD OUT
Lorena – 2 spots on Tuesday
Nick – 3 spots on Monday
Zachary – 2 spots on Thursday
Joy – 2 spots on Monday
Luis – 1 spot on Monday and Tuesday
Michael M – SOLD OUT
Georgia – 2 spots on Monday and Friday (virtual)
Allyn – SOLD OUT
Masato – 1 spot on Monday
Michael W – 3 spots on Monday and Thursday

Welcome to the Family!

Welcome to all our students who joined us in August 2021

Mia E.
Doug D.
August A.
Raven E.
Steve R.
Kyle M.
Dakota J.
Melody S.
Josiah P.
Eden P.
Elliana P.
Emmett M.
Addison D.
William M.
Gabe M.
Joey V.
Hayden V.
Alexa V.
Jackson F.
Kaitlyn G.

Jamison K.
Lucas S.
Rose S.
Michael P.
Melody J.
Chris J.
Kamden S.
Trevor L.
Dallas P.
Nikolai P.
Chris H.
Benjamin H.
Sharon M.
Annette T.
Adaliene F.
Noah F.
Lily C.
Gale S.
Kavan L.
Lucas S.

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