April 2021

It’s time to bloom and grow

Virtual Piano Ensemble

Piano ensemble was a virtual success this year! Students worked on their pieces and recorded them for a virtual performance that took place on March 13th. Recording a performance can be just as difficult as performing live and we are so proud of what our students accomplished. Way to go!

“This is my favorite performance every year! I always look forward to rehearsing with other performers, dressing up in accordance to the dress code, and having this wonderful opportunity to share music with friends and family. Even though this year was different, it was so fun to still be able to participate, and see it all come together so well!” –Kaitlyn


Luis Martinez is a Phoenix based musician. Proficient in a multitude of styles, he performs valley wide as an in-demand guitarist. Luis is a member of The Stakes, LuMar, Extreme Decibel Big Band, 8-Bit Mammoth, and can often be found performing as a sideman with different acts in town.

Luis is a certified audio engineer and KCACTF nominated sound designer.

Born and raised in Mexico City, Luis moved to the U.S. when he was 13 years old. Upon graduating high school, he attended Glendale Community College and began his career as a musician.

Student of the Month: Katy S.

Our student of the month for March is Katy Stahlhut. Katy has been apart of Musical Surprise for some time now, and we love having her as part of our musical family!

Ms. Chareeze nominated Katy, because “Katy is a talented, young women with an exhilarating drive for music. She has sung in high school choirs and has participated in numerous choral festivals, regionals, and all state. Katy has also participated in many musical theatre productions with Del E. Webb Center of the Performing Arts. She has been working hard to improve her vocal and piano abilities for her future as an undergrad student in music therapy. Katy works diligently to succeed in her endeavors and is looking forward to share her passion to help the community.”

Group Classes Registration Has Begun!

We are finally able to have our group classes in person this summer and we are more than excited to make music with you. Classes start the week of June 7th, 2021!

Here are the classes that we are offering:

Mommy & Me Music (6mos-2yrs) – Mondays 10:00am-10:30am

Music Explorers (3-5yrs) – Wednesdays 10:00am-10:30am

Mini Mozarts Piano 94-6yrs) – Fridays 3:30pm-4:15pm

Piano Class (6-10yrs) – Fridays 6:00pm-6:45pm

Guitar Class (6-10yrs) – Thursdays 6:00pm-6:45pm

Sign up today! Space is limited!

Is Your Teacher Full?

Chareeze – SOLD OUT
Scott – 1 spot on Tuesday and Thursday
Laura B – 2 spots on Thursday
Glenn – 2 spots on Tuesday and Saturday
Lexi – 1 spot on Thursday
Harvey – 1 spot on Monday
Mila – 1 spot on Tuesday and Saturday
Donna – SOLD OUT
Albert – 2 spots on Friday
Justin – SOLD OUT
Joseph – 2 spots on Friday
Zachary – 1 spot on Saturday
Tim – 1 spot on Tuesday
Shawna – SOLD OUT
Luis – 1 spot on Tuesday
Laura M – 2 spots on Thursday
Lucas – 2 spots on Monday
Michael M – 2 spots on Thursday
Sidni – 1 spot on Friday
Paula – 1 spot on Friday and Saturday
Georgia – SOLD OUT
Allyn – 2 spots on Monday
Masato – 1 spot on Monday
Jan – 1 spot on Thursday
Mike W – 2 spots on Friday

Welcome to the Family!

Welcome to all our students who joined us in March 2021.

Corbin K.
Gage L.
Jin L.
Emmett M.
Alex M.
Jack M.
Robert M.
Genesis M.
Gwen M.
Maverick M.
Cynthia M.
Ellie O.
Ashley P.
Tatum P.
Maddie P.
Aiden R.
Amiya S.
Gale S.
Katie T.
Natalie T.
McKayla T.
Dominic V.
Axel W.
Sarah W.
Alexa W.
Henrywood F.
Chloe J.

Angelica A.
John A.
River B.
Bella B.
Ava B.
Lucia B.
Vienna B.
Elijah B.
Lyric B.
Sienna C.
Grace D.
Kelechi E.
Ashley F.
Candace F.
Dash G.
Adrian G.
Ava G.
Antwan G.
Silas G.
Xavier G.
Destiny G.
McKaayla H.
Vanessa H.
Jade H.
Amber J.
Ben K.
Benjanmin K.

Come visit us!
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Monday-Friday 10am-8pm
Saturdays 10am-5pm