September – Musical Surprise Notes – 2020

Hear The Difference!

Student of the Month

Jared G. – Drum Student

Jared has been a student at Musical Surprise for just over one year and has immensely shown dedication and stride in his craft.

He was nominated by his drum teacher Todd because, “He overachieves by hard work in the lesson and most importantly at home mastering his playing. He has branched out on his musical journey and has been taking voice lessons.”

Keep up the great work, Jared!

Teacher Feature


Zach Hurst has been playing guitar for 10+ years with a bachelor’s degree in Music Performance at NAU. He went to Arizona Conservatory for the Arts and Academics high school and played in the award-winning Guitarnauts. He and his band won the 2013 Alice Cooper’s Christmas Pudding and played alongside KISS, Motley Crue, and Alice Cooper. In college, he performed classical guitar as well as improv at local venues.

Zach’s influences have been rock, metal, classical, country, and more. His philosophy on music is that music should be fun and rewarding. Practicing and learning the guitar can be difficult and daunting if the student isn’t enjoying what he/she is playing.

Zach Hurst has 4+ years of teaching experience and has studied under Ray Goodwin, Ward Aycock, and Tom Sheeley


Students at our studio were challenged to take pictures of their practice space at home. They were entered into a raffle to win a gift card to our studio. Pamela was randomly selected as our winner!
We wanted to feature some of our favorite pictures.