Michelle B.

My daughter has been taking lessons at Musical Surprise for several years and I highly recommend them. Not only do they offer private lessons, group lessons, and special workshops in a variety of musical instruments, but they have a full store as well. We have had the opportunity to try out several different teachers and liked them all, but our favorite hands down is Ms. Joy for piano. It was honestly not until my daughter started working with Ms. Joy that her growth really took off. The great thing about Musical Surprise is that if you or your child does not click with the teacher then you can talk with the staff and if available try different ones until you find the right fit. I also love that they offer and encourage all students to perform at recitals 2 times a year. (Normally in April for a Formal Recital and December for a more fun Holiday Event.) The ability for a student to be able to perform in front of others and work through their nerves, showcasing all they have learned is awesome and a vital part of learning. I am so glad they offer these and it is one of the reasons we have our daughter go to Musical Surprise instead of finding a private teacher outside of a business. The instructors/teachers at musical surprise are all normally music teachers or true lovers of music and part of local groups, ensembles, or committees that further musical education. This is awesome in that it opens up more opportunities for the students that are truly passionate. We love Musical Surprise and highly recommend them for lessons and shopping. (Nothing beats actually seeing and holding an instrument before buying.)

Robert Adams III

If your kids want to learn how to play anything or learn anything about music, this is the place for them. Mine have learned piano and I might have taken a lesson or two.

Tom Triolo

5 Stars – This is what a music store should be. A place where music lovers can learn and get instruments in the same place. My daughter took violin and learned a lot from the teacher. My wife purchased a trumpet elsewhere but when I brought it in (my son dropped it on the floor) and the mouthpiece was stuck the folks there got the mouthpiece out – NO CHARGE! You will always get my business!

Kathleen Laramee

5 Stars – A wonderful local, family run business. I am particularly impressed with their support for our community and for public education. This is vitally important from our local businesses. Thank you!!