Congratulations To Our Scholarship Winners!

Scholarship Essay ContestCongratulations to our 2014 Musical Surprise scholarship winners Jaxsen Steen and Ryan Enouen! You can read Jaxsen & Ryan’s winning essays below.

Thank you to all of the students who submitted an essay. It was our pleasure to read and discover what music means to you and why music is important to you in our own words.

To have entered, students needed to have submitted an essay of 500 words or less on what music means to them and why music is important to them. Students should have included a phone number and email address with their essay submission.

Essays needed to be submitted by Saturday, April 26th, 2014 Winners were announced May 10th, 2014.

Continue for Jaxsen & Ryan’s winning essays.

Music is my Foundation, Passion, and Gift
Jaxsen Steen

I love music because it has changed my life! I started band in the fourth grade and thought it would be fun to play the saxophone. I had no idea at the time how much I would love to play. I also didn’t how much the sax would change me as a person. When I play I leave my reality and enter a new world. I find peace and become one with the notes I am playing. I also find meaning in the music. It helps understand the emotion the composer puts in the music and I find that I relate and appreciate the message.

I also think music is important because it affects other people. When I play my saxophone for my family and friends, I see a variety of expression. My mom and grandma have cried because they see my dedication and passion about being a great sax player. My siblings and cousins like to dance when I play which is fun to watch. Most importantly, my great grandpa who doesn’t hear very well loves to close his eyes when I play. I think he finds peace and happiness in the music. I feel like sharing my musical passion with others is like giving a priceless gift. When I play, I see others who are proud, happy, surprised, emotional, and peaceful. I think music is the ultimate present.

I also think music is universal language and it is a tool for people to express themselves. Music can help people come together after a tragedy. Music can motivate people to change and grow. Music makes people dance and create happy memories. One song can bring back memories, change opinions, and lighten ones burdens. In my opinion, there is no other instrument that reaches so far and touches so many. I feel it is an honor to be one of the people who is learning and becoming a part of the musical phenomenon.

I am really grateful to have the opportunity to write this essay. I believe I am at the point with music to where I want to increase my knowledge and explore new techniques. I know that playing the saxophone and creating music will play a large role in my future. Because of this, I practice multiple times a day and participate in band at school. I am hoping that I have expressed my willingness, dedication, and passion about music in this essay and that I will be chosen for the scholarship. I believe with your help I can further my understanding of my instrument and share my music with the world which I would consider the ultimate success!

What Music Means To Me
Ryan Enouen

Music has been a part of people’s lives since the beginning of time. Without music we wouldn’t be able to worship, play in orchestras, or go to concerts. Music can change people’s mood and how they learn. Music can let you be yourself.

Music is a part of our everyday lives. We listen to music in the car because it entertains us. We also listen to music while we exercise because it energizes us. I like to listen to music while doing chores and during free time.

Music is creative in many different ways. Music can help your mind be more lively and awake. Some people learn more quickly with music. Music helps the brain to remember information. It’s easy to memorize facts if we put it into a song. That’s how I memorized the periodic table. By listening to the lyrics music can also encourage you to stand up for other people or to be brave.

Music is beautiful in many different ways. The violin and the piano are instruments that make very beautiful music. When I play the violin the notes turn into beautiful sounds. The drums and guitar can make more abrasive sounds.

Overall, music is a wonderful and beautiful way of art and no matter where we live around the world, music is a big part of our culture. Most importantly, a big part of our lives. No matter what, I know that music will always be a big part of my life.