Musical Surprise Newsletter Mar-May 2015

Musical Surprise Notes

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1. Zerrick O, George S & Seth H at Concert in the Park. 2. Violin Ensemble with Ms. Lisa & Ms. Becky. 3. Amber T at Formal Recital. 4. Jesse B at City Hall.

Student Performances Kick into High Gear

Students and Staff put on a great show for our 3rd Annual Concert in the Park!
Students of all ages and levels showed they were ready to rock to an audience of more than 300 on April 18th at Kingswood Parke in Surprise. Students comprised the majority of the bands by playing drums, keyboard, bass, guitar and also performed most the vocals.
Amazingly, most groups only rehearsed together once or twice and still gave amazing performances of all kinds of music including
Billy Joel, ACDC, Rage Against the Machine, and more. The staff even did a few numbers including the anthem of the event, Saturday in the Park by Chicago, complete with horn section.

Students enjoyed a variety of activities during the concert including playing on the playground, Kats Facepainting, and Kona Ice.

Formal Recital gives students a chance to shine on stage!
On May 16th, more than 150 students performed on stage at the Peoria Performing Arts Center. The beautiful venue was no match for the lovely music performed by students of every level or the variety of instruments heard including piano, voice, classical guitar, violin, viola, trumpet, sax and flute. During the 8 recitals, audience members heard everything from Ravel, Vivaldi, Beethoven, and Mozart, as well as contemporary composers too.

Check out all the awesome pictures of both events taken by J Carbonneau on our Facebook page, and video by contacting Dana by email at

Sax Students Play City Hall
Several sax students of Michael Hernandez also performed at the City Hall Art Opening in April, including Jesse Blandino (pictured above.)

Planning to be gone part of the summer?
Don’t worry, you can still keep your spot
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Musical Surprise Newsletter March-May 2015Student of the Month

Student of the Month for March was Czarinabelle Perez. Czarina takes violin and piano lessons and always comes prepared. She is a Senior at Liberty High School and is preparing to audition for the Phoenix Youth Symphony.

Student of the Month for April was Camilla Fuller. Camilla is a 5th grader at PEC and takes voice lessons She recently made it into her school talent show and is also on a swim team. In fact, she often comes to her voice lesson right after practice and is soaking wet!.

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Guitar Raffle raises funds to help keep music in our schools.

March-April 2015 NewsletterAfter the Over-ride failed to pass last November, our local school district has been forced to make 16 million dollars in cuts to music, art, physical education and classroom services. Sadly, only 20% of local families participated in the vote.

At Musical Surprise, we recognize the necessity of music in our public schools and decided to help raise funds to raise awareness and support for YES for DYSART’s efforts of getting the over-ride back onto the ballot this fall.

Our student families, stepped up and helped us raise more than $500 to support our efforts- thanks you so much!!! And the winner was… Chris Riehm!

Thanks again to everyone who helped us support this cause. Research shows what a difference music makes for our kids- let’s continue to show that WE can make a difference too! Don’t forget to mail- in your ballot this fall and vote YES on the over-ride to keep music in our schools!

Teacher Feature – Todd Kruger

Musical Surprise Newsletter March-May 2015 - Teacher Feature: Todd KrugerTodd Kruger has been teaching drum lessons at Musical Surprise since 2009. He began lessons at age 9 and 20 years later participated in 2 national tours.

In addition to teaching, Todd performs regularly all over the valley and the west coast with PJ Grinch, One Kitty Gone and various other groups.

Is YOUR teacher full?

Save your spot -record enrollment expected in fall!

    • Laura Brown, piano- SOLD OUT Mon
    • Lisa Cannon, violin- 1 spot left Monday, SOLD OUT Thursday, SOLD OUT Friday
    • Andrew Devenpot, guitar- 1 spot left Tues
    • Donna Giocomo, piano- SOLD OUT Wednesday, SOLD OUT Thursday
    • Robyn Harris, piano- SOLD OUT Mon, SOLD OUT Tues, SOLD OUT Wed
    • Tim Juillet, voice- 2 spots left Monday
    • Todd Kruger, drums- SOLD OUT Mon, 2 spots left Tues, SOLD OUT Wed
    • Melissa Lovell, voice- SOLD OUT Wed
    • Debra McCoy, piano- SOLD OUT Mon, 1 spot left Tues, 2 spots left Fri
    • Allyn Swanson, band instruments- 2 spots Monday, 1 spot Friday
    • Vic Tims, guitar- 1 spot Tuesday, SOLD OUT Wednesday, 2 spots Thursday Debbie White, voice- 1 spot Tues, &Wed

***many other teachers have limited availability.

Some final notes….

Volunteers needed to help prepare teaching materials, etc. Must be detail oriented, email if interested to

Do you have an old method book that you no longer need? We keep extras in our resource library (in case students forget a book!) and will GLADLY use it!

Please Do Not Bring Sick Students to Lessons! We now offer unlimited makeup classes, so help us keep our teachers and students safe & well be keeping sick kids at home- THANKS!

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